When trying to learn a new language

Growing up I always struggled with my health. My stomach problems caused me a lot of painful nights, I was having a cold or getting sick every second month or so, and I have suffered through one too many urine infections, I can promise you that.

Over the last few years, I have tried to figure out what I can eat, how I can exercise and how I can live, in order to feel and be at my very best. Not an easy task, sometimes finding a way, while others I am so damn wrong and end up having to work myself back up on the horse. And although it has been a huge improvement, I just get tired of living with the feeling of always having to take the consequences if misstep in the back of my mind.

Not that ice cream, you will have cramps all night. Not that drink, you will feel terrible from the liquor. Not that bootcamp, your whole body will be in pain and you might even faint. Not another social gathering, because tomorrow will be all ruined. No sex while drunk, you need to be in full control to avoid an infection…

And the list just keeps on growing…
I desperately try to understand what my body needs in order for me to be full of energy and just feel GOOD, you know? But we still dont speak the same language and I'm getting real tired of trying to interpret what it says all the time.


So I am cleaning up my life, big time, in more ways than one!!!! Research, hiring a nutriotion expert, keeping a “feel good”-diary, sticking to my routines and learning to find what feels good. Because life is to short to be tired and exhausted of nothing at the age of 30, right?

And all tips and tricks are highly appreciated, because I guess I am not the only one with an oversensitive body out there?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia