Her Majesty The Queen´s Birthday Party

Ok, just gotta say it feels pretty damn cool being invited to the British Ambassador's Residence in Oslo to celebrate her Majesty The Queen´s birthday. A very different kinda workplace I am at now, that´s for sure. Been kind of nervous and pretty excited at the same time, since my colleagues in Stockholm wouldn’t be there, just me. However, I got to bring my little sis as my + 1, which was nice.


I dressed up in my pink suit (lets say I most definitely was easy to spot among all the hundreds of guests, seeing as the main colours were blue, black and grey), and managed to stay semi-dry throughout the storm that hit. Jesus how it rained.

Upon arrival we greeted the ambassador, we mingled, we drank wine and just had a good time. A little weird feeling being there, among politicians, media, business people and state representatives. Little me with my business card, trying to avoid the topic Brexit! But it was lovely and hope I get to go again sometime.


Afterwards we embraced the storm, getting soaked! But when we got to my sisters place suddenly stopped and the sun came out! So we ended the day outside, grilling burgers. My burger actually looked freaky alike a normal burger, but they had been so kind to buy something vegan for me!


Lots of love from Henriette Sophia