"Conferencing" in London

Yesterday we kicked off our PR conference in VisitBritain, PR Vibe (the whole reason for me being here). It was held at The Biltmore in Mayfair, a hotel that open just two years ago, and both the hotel and the area was just.. w.o.w! So beautiful!

We spent the day “conferencing” (a new word people), had a delicious lunch and afterwards we headed to Flight Club Victoria to play darts, drink wine and eat pizza! Very nice to be able to spend some time with colleagues from Canada, US and Europe, that we normally don’t get to see that often! Nevertheless, at 7:30 PM I was beat and headed back to the hotel, took a bath and fell asleep in my bathrobe (hello granny)!


Today is a new day of meetings, and speed-dating is actually on the agenda! 10 minutes with each destination in the UK, presenting my market and see how we can work together, get up and move on to the next. Going to be hectic, but fun! Love meeting new people and build up relationships.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia