Summer with my favorite people

The grass tingles my feet while I walk over to the grill to help out. I feel the smell of grilled corn, my favorite food in the whole world. While we roll it a little back and forth on the grill, my belly rumbles loud. But the food isn’t ready quite yet, so I take my glass of wine and sit down next to my dear friend Mikaela and just look at her and Johan. Feeling happy, enjoying a summer evening with two of my favorite people.


We got invited over for dinner at Mikeala’s place yesterday, who lives on Lidingö, my favorite place in Stockholm. It reminds me so much of home and I am hoping that if we end up staying in Stockholm we could move here one day. Yesterday, Johan finally started at least talking about it! Imagine, waking up to the view and sound of the water, what a dream!

On summer days like these, Sweden isn’t so bad.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia