Out on an adventure

I cant even begin to describe how depressed this god damn weather makes me. Ever since I came home it has been raining, and I have desperately tried to survive going from 33 degrees to 13. My body is packed in layers to keep warm and I am as dry as a tomato. Looking on the bright side, the sun came out for like a second today, so we headed out for our first long walk since Italy. Must say that even though it was nice being back at Djurgården, our hike in Italy was a tad better.

On our third day in Camogli we decided that being glued to the sunbed is nice and all, but not what creates memories. And not having a gym made us eager to get moving, so we Googled some hikes in the area and decided to give San Rocco, onward to Punta Chiappa and back again, a chance.

We had read it was a fairly easy trail, but dear lord was it a challenge. It was just S.O M.A.N.Y S.T.A.I.R.S…..I dont ever think I have sweated that much, and we were sore for days, but the view and the jump in the ocean mid way, made it all worth it. Even made us forget the fact that we walked in the complete wrong direction, up hill, for about 15-20 minutes.


Wandering through narrow paths, up and down steep stairs, eating fresh fruit bought at a little local store on top of the hill and all that beautiful nature, wow!!!! Just wow!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia