On a rainy night

This morning started out with a hell of a subway experience here in London. Let´s just say rush hour just got a whole new meaning, and angry, irritated people just got lifted to a whole new level. I couldn’t do anything else then just laugh, it was insane how people pressed themselves towards a subway so full it couldn’t even drive. Seven or eight subways were filled before I got pressed into one. Well well, arrived to work just a tad late and a tiny bit sweaty.

After a nice day with my colleagues at the London office and me ticking off as many things from my to-do list as possible, I headed to Soho to meet with Veronica for dinner and a night out in rainy London. And when I say a night out I dont mean drinks, I mean noodles and coke, followed by a trip to Primark!


And for those who might wonder, it is not very hot in London, I just want to show off my new dress and the pretty details on the fluffy arms. Thank you and goodnight.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia