My week: Body positivity, watermelon obsession and chillin' like a villain

This week’s mantra
Befriend your body. Love it, and teach your mind to respect it.”.
Been spending a lot of time in bikini the last few days and I just came to a point where I didn’t wanna worry anymore. I wanted to enjoy my time in the sun and in the water, both alone, with Johan and friends. As always, trying to teach my mind to respect my body. This week it worked a little better than usual!


This week’s mood
Chillin' like a villain! Been reading, sleeping, listening to documentaries and swimming like crazy the last few days. A real summer weekend, and loved every moment of it. Safe to say my mood has been pretty damn good all week!


This week’s yumminess
I have gotten a huge obsession for watermelon with red onion and feta cheese. Seriously, try it!!! Found it on Instagram and it is the perfect food in the summer heat. Thinking of going 100% vegan from August though, so need to find something to replace the cheese with. Any tips?


This week’s series
The Handmaids Tale, 9-1-1 and the season finale of Big Little Lies. Trying to read more before bedtime though, but not going so well, haha!

This week’s training
I am not kidding when I say I only made it through leg day at the Workout Plan Studio before I skipped the remaining 4 workouts in favor of being outdoors, enjoying the hot weather. SATS will have to wait until the upcoming week! However, I at least managed to squeeze in two power walks at Djurgården and 1 hour kayaking.


This week’s failure
Kayaking with Johan. We gave it a try for the first time about five years ago while in the Caribbean and we couldn’t stop arguing. Well, turns out five years later we didn’t do any better. What the hell is there to argue about when you kayak you might think? Well, lots of things! How to paddle, in which directions, how to meet waves and so on. Well, as Johan said; We do a lot of fun stuff together, this isn’t one of them.

This week’s most liked picture
My little colour mix got some attention on Instagram this week. And for those who want more, I made a little blog post about Foolproof ways to get the hang of color mixing!

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 21.31.57.png

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia