Food coma in London

Feels like all we did this weekend was eat and it has been delicious! We have started to get better at doing research beforehand and book when we can, which has made our experiences even better! So I thought I would share some tips, in case anyone is ever headed to London!


If there is something me and my man loves for breakfast its pancakes! So we decided to head to The Breakfast Club in Rufus Street, Shoreditch. They serve breakfast until 12:00 and then lunch after that. You can’t book a table there, and when we arrived around 10:00 am there was a short line, but it took less than 10 minutes to be seated, so no worries. The place is pretty big (and colorful) with loud music and lots of yumminess on the menu! I went for blueberry pancakes (vegan), a carrot and ginger juice and a cappuccino, while Johan went for the all American (that boy and his bacon) and a freshly pressed orange juice and black coffee. It landed on around 25-30 pounds if I remember correctly, so not too pricy and so worth it!



Later during the day we stumbled upon the Duke of York Square food market and I have to be honest, I am usually not a fan, but everything here looked and smelled so good! Lots of vegan options too and seriously delicious cakes to be found everywhere! Nevertheless, since I had just bought a pretzel, I skipped standing in long lines, but Johan went for a grilled sausage in the biggest baguette ever seen! The market is hosted every Saturday from 10am until 4pm and offers artisanal and locally produced meat, fish, bread, cakes etc. There are benches around the square where you can sit and enjoy your food.



This beautiful Italian restaurant looked so inviting, located next to the market on 83-85 Duke Of York Square, so we sat down for a little drink. I had a glas of Nero D'Avola, Villa Pozzi, DOCG Sicily 2017 and Johan went for a gin and tonic. Very cozy atmosphere and good service.



Our dinner plans went a little south! We first wanted to go to Sushi Samba, but it was fully booked. The next on the list was Dishoom, a Indian restaurant with very good reviews, but you cant book. And when we arrived it was the longest que I have seen in a very long time, and even though the food might be great I am not the one to stand in line for that long for a meal. So we went to Delamina East at 151 Commercial St, and actually managed to get seated without a reservation (reservation seems to be key in London). They serve seasonal dishes inspired by Eastern Mediterranean home cooking, and while Johan went for lamb racks I had crispy rosemary potatoes on garlic-infused yoghurt (vegan) and salad of avocado, charred broccoli and za’atar spiced gem lettuce.



On our last day we kinda skipped breakfast and headed straight to Brick Lane Market. After a while my belly started rumbling which timed perfectly with passing a stand filled with delicious pastries. Johan went for a sourdough stick with black olives and I finally got to taste a vegan pain au chocolate. Seriously, it was so good I doubted it was vegan for a second there! Why even bother making “normal ones” when the vegan ones are sooooo good?



Sushi Samba is also located in Covent Garden, and after having moved over to my next hotel in Soho, we deided to head over and see if it was a little less crouded for lunch. And luckily for us it was! The restaurant was so beautifully decorated and I can imagine how cozy it must be there at night. I had a veggie maki with shibazuke, cucumber, avocado, sesame, sweet gourd, spring onion and tempura crunch, while Johan went for Neo Tokyo with spicy tuna, tempura crunch, lotus root, aji panca and spicy mayo. It was the best sushi I have ever had, but a bit pricy. But worth it, I promise.


Got a bit hungry writing this, hihi! Next on the list over places I wanna try is Humble pizza, Chiltern Firehouse and Bluebird! Next time ;)

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia