Back home

Being back home this weekend, attending a funeral, celebrating an engagement, sharing my comfort for yet another loss and spending time with my family has been both tiresome and nice. A mixed weekend, combined with lots of tears and laughter.

After the funeral on Friday, which was a beautiful one, I met with my two besties. Celebrating an engagement, and talking about a loss in the family. My two besties, going through each their thing, us three all gathered around one table, crying, talking, laughing. Life, such a weird thing sometimes.

My squad, after 24 years.

My squad, after 24 years.


Yesterday was spent with my nephews and older sister, followed by coffee and “fika” with my dad, before pizza and wine with my mom. A real family day, before I am headed off to the airport and flying off to vacation. A much needed one.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia