Dinner in between flowers and plants

I love my job at VisitBritain and mostly because of the wonderful people I get to work with at the British Embassy. And tonight my favorite Johanna had invited me and Deniz over for a home cooked meal and some wine on her balcony!

Seriously, what would life be without good company, lovely food and warm weather? It was such a wonderful evening! Just sitting on her balcony, in her colourful oasis, in between flowers and plants, eating the best mushroom pie thingi and drinking wine. Jo is the best cook, and lets just say I offered her money in return for lunch every day at the embassy. So far it hasn’t worked, but not giving up!

Dear Johanna

Dear Johanna

Bestest Deniz

Bestest Deniz


Afterwards I met Johan half way and walked the rest home, which was nice after a little too much food. Now I am more than ready for bed, having started my day bright and early at The Workout Plan Studio, followed by work and dinner.

Good night peeps,

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia