Computer switched out with sun and fresh air

Last Friday we ended the week with a team day at Vaxholmen out in the archipelago. The boat took about an hour and when we arrived we just walked around, enjoying the beautiful place. With its small streets, local shops and cozy houses it is a very idyllic place. Only thing missing was the sun, but lucky for us it came out after lunch. Just in time for coffee and cake buffet (yes, you read it right: CAKE BUFFET PEOPLE)!


That boat ride home in the sun was the best thing in a long time. Reminded me of our summer place in Norway and just being on the water makes me so damn happy. Aaaaah, why can’t it just be summer all year long?

A very good day in good company. Was a nice change from sitting inside at the office all day.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia