My week: engagement, funerals and going vegan

This week’s mantra
I have been reminded of both the good and the bad life has to offer this week and it made me realise that Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful”. I just try to enjoy the little things.


This week’s mood
A little combination of everything; happy, sad, worried, tired. Been a weird week to be honest, so been nice to be by myself and just recharge. Spent 4 hours alone, drinking my morning coffee in the company of a good book earlier, which was wonderful.

This week’s yumminess
I have for a long time been thinking about giving the whole vegan thing a try. Not just 70 percent, but go in 100 percent. I started four days ago and so far so good. The best dish this week (except my vegan cookies bought at Goodstore) must have been the avocado toast at Café Pascal . And my morning smoothies! Can’t get enough.


This week’s series
The last few days I switched out watching series with reading and I managed to get through my latest book: Nullpunktet by Jørn Lier Horst. Really recommend it, couldn’t put it away! Now I am getting started on a crime series by Stefan Ahnmen that I got for my birthday last year. Anyone who has read them?


This week’s best
Without doubt the news about my bestie getting engaged. I was so damn happy and filled with love, seriously the best news at the beginning of a new week! You can read all about it here! Other than that I had a lovely few hours on Saturday morning with my book and a good cup of coffee down by the water, attended a Pride event with the British Embassy an had a girls night with Trixie yesterday with dinner, red wine and a movie!  


This week’s worst
Two phone calls about two wonderful people having left us. So terribly sad, especially when my best friend cries on the phone and I can’t just go over and hug here. The distance is killing me sometimes. Going home for a funeral next week though, will be good to be home.

This week’s training
Ooooh… not good. Got in three long power walks and just one gym session. Well, blaming my soar throat. Want to say next week I am back in the game, but said that last Sunday too, so will just shut up and see what happens. The Workout Plan Studio needs to kick start fall a bit earlier, so I can get my motivation back on!


This week’s failure
On Fridays we always eat pizza and since I am now trying to be vegan the big challenge of giving up cheese arose. I had bought a vegan cheese the day before that seemed promising, but dear lord was that disgusting. Nevertheless, got some great advice on Instagram so will give it another go. Not really ready to give up pizza.

This week’s most liked picture
My picture from last weekend by the water, talking a little about befriending your body. An important message in todays twisted society.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia