1 purse - 3 styles

When I plan an outfit, the handbag is always the finishing touch and most of my outfits don’t feel complete without it. And since I am not the type to have unlimited amounts of purses, I try to use what I have and avoid unnecessary shopping. Because you can do a lot with one handbag!

My absolute favorite is actually a 20 dollar handbag from Forever21 bought on Hawaii eight years ago (by my mom, who after a year gave it to me and I have been in love ever since). I love how the bright colour spices up my outfits and no matter the mood, its always my go-to bag!

Lets take a look on how to style one purse in three different ways.


I love how a simple pair of black boyfriend-jeans and an oversized blouse can turn into such a cool outfit by adding a pair of heels and a splash of colour. Orange is the new black, right? And by adding the purse, the defuse green strips in the blouse become more prominent. The perfect outfit for a day at the office.


When wearing a bright pink suit with black heals, most people would match it with a black clutch. Myself included a few years ago. But I think the orange makes the suit pop just a tiny bit extra, and seriously, why not go all in when your already wearing pink from head to toe? The perfect outfit for an event or when you need/want to dress up a bit.


Again matching a shade of green with orange. Two colours I never thought I would say I like, but how can I not? This outfit goes perfectly for a evening out, or if you switch out the heels with something more low key it works perfectly for a date night at the cinema!

As you can see you can easily use the same handbag again and again, styling it for a night out, a business event or for a day at the office. Whatever your day brings!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia