When the sun is out

Oh boy, today my legs walked me pretty damn far!

Since we woke up to sunshine today, we decided to walk across the city to pick up little Dallas who is staying with us until tomorrow. And while we were out and about in the city centre we did some errands. After having walked around for about 3 hours in the sun, we decided to give Greasy Spoon a try, hoping to avoid queues. Luckily for us we got a table right away and I ordered my favorite buckwheat pancakes with blueberries, yummy! The perfect refill which made the last part home easy peasy.


I have such a hard time being indoors when the sun is finally shining, so I could walk forever, just to feel the sun on my skin #obsessed ! I so badly dream of a balcony in our next apartment, you have no idea! The upside of not having it is all the free exercise I get though! If we are to think positiv and all!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia