Our Scottish adventure part 2

When we rolled into the train station I was a bit sceptic. Was this really the right place? It looked so deserted. We got off the train and filled the car with all our bags, curious about our new destination: Pitlochry. And when the car swung out on Pitlochry High Street my heart melted a little. It looked so cozy with all its small restaurants, cafees, local shops and all the people, both locals and tourists, enjoying the sunny weather. We all got very excited to explore more of this little town in Highland Perthshire.


After having checked in to our hotel, we walked back to the main street and simply walked up and down, soaking it all in and visiting the small local stores, before stopping for a lunch. I really understand why this town in so appealing to tourists.


We also stopped by the iconic “The Old Mill Inn”, a local hotel/pub I have seen in countless pictures ever since I started working for VisitBritain. And it was as cute in real life as in all the pictures! The perfect stop for a pint or a cup of coffee in the cutest of surroundings.



Atholl Palace Hotel
For this occasion we had booked a night at Atholl Palace Hotel, a beautiful castle on top of a little hill, just a 10 minutes walk from “city centre”. We are talking squeaky old floors, Scottish interior and a wonderful view. They also have a spa department, an indoor pool and a tennis and golf court that can be enjoyed. Included in the price we had both dinner and breakfast, and as the dinner turned out to be one of the best during the whole trip, sadly the breakfast was not so impressive. But as long as you give me a cup of coffee and a good view, I am happy!

The dream would be to spend a night or two over the Christmas holiday here. Must be magical. Going for long walks, drink hot chocolate and play cards in their lounge area. As the girls said; I slide right in with the rest of the senior citizens at the hotel! Let’s just say there were many of them!

Perth Rd, Pitlochry


I warmly recommend Pitlochry, that is just a 2 hour train ride from Edinburgh. Dont need much more than a day or two here, depending on what kind of activities you would like to try out in the area around, but a must see! We combined this with “The Enchanted Forest” experience and a highland mountain safari, but both deserve their own blog posts! So stay tuned..

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

//All photos in this blog post are taken by the talented Emilia Wallin

Our Scottish adventure part 1

Day two of our Scottish adventure, we headed out from Edinburgh to Balloch. Balloch is an enchanting village on the south-west shores of Loch Lomond and the gateway to the Trossachs National Park. We took the train from Edinburgh Waverley, with one change in Glasgow and it took about two hours in total. Taking the train is surprisingly easy and not that expensive. Was a tad confused in Glasgow due to construction work, but there is always someone around to ask for help. Also made it all easier by downloading the trainline.com app where you can follow your ride and see what station is next at any time.

Photo: Emilia Wallin

Photo: Emilia Wallin

When we arrived we headed across the street to Sweeney's Cruise Co that took us out on an 1 hour circular tour of Loch Lomond's South basin. Sadly the weather was.. (how to put this nicely?).. terrible, but we got to enjoy a number of Loch Lomond's stately homes and castles along the shoreline. I can imagine it would be a wonderful trip in better weather. They served us warm coffee and had information brochures in all languages and was most defiantly inspired to go for a long hike in this area one time. Maybe just earlier in the season.


Afterwards we sadly had to cancel our planned guided kayak tour and our walk to the castle, due to the cold and rain. Instead we took a cab (really need a car here) and headed to our hotel; Duck Bay and spent the rest of the day snacking, working and talking. Pretty cozy, even though it was a lot of time spent indoors. Most activities in Balloch our outdoors, so I recommend going there when the weather plays on your side. Because when it stopped raining for a moment there, I was blown away by the beautiful scenery. And it was quiet, so very quiet. The perfect getaway if you need to recharge and just spend time in nature, no doubt about it.

Photo: Emilia Wallin

Photo: Emilia Wallin

Photo: Emilia Wallin

Photo: Emilia Wallin

This view though! / Photo: Emilia Wallin

This view though! / Photo: Emilia Wallin

Next up; Pitlochry! More about that tomorrow!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

All time favorite - Edinburgh

Last week I spent five days in Scotland on an influencer trip I had organised through work, and it all started in Edinburgh! One of my all time favorite cities! There is just something gloomy, but still so very beautiful over this city, with tons of things to see and do! We only had half a day there, before heading out to the Scottish Highlands, but here are some tips for you, based on what we did during our short time there!

Edinburgh / Photo: Emilia Wallin

Edinburgh / Photo: Emilia Wallin


We only had a few hours to explore, so we stuck to the typical must-sees when here! But Edinburgh is full of hidden gems and tons of fun stuff, so make sure to read up before heading there! My best tip however is to wear good shoes and just walk around and explore as much as possible on your own.

Edinburgh Castle
Might not be a fan of history? Think museums are boring? Well, this is a must see. Situated on top of an extinct volcano high above the capital, Edinburgh castle is a real beauty. And the view itself is worth the visit. Tip: avoid the cues by buying passes beforehand.


The Royal Mile
The Royal Mile is a succession of streets forming the main thoroughfare of the Old Town of the city of Edinburgh. The Royal Mile runs on a moderately steep incline so it's best to walk from the Castle down to Holyroodhouse and then turn back an go through the new part of town to Princes Street, the main shopping street.

Along the walk you will find local pubs, the famous Scotch Whisky Experience, St. Giles Cathedral, the beautiful and iconic Victoria Street and lots of other beautiful buildings, interesting museums (we dropped by Camera Obscura), shops and cafes. If you look for it you will also find small, narrow side streets that are breathtaking! And of course, a bag pipe on every corner!


Below you see The People's Story Museum, a museum housed in the historic Canongate Tolbooth, the collections of which tell the story of the working class people from the late 18th century to the present day.

Photo: Emilia Wallin

Photo: Emilia Wallin

We didn’t have time, but I recommend you to stop by The Elephant House, a tea and coffee house where the famous J.K Rowling sat and wrote parts of Harry Potter in the back room, overlooking Edinburgh Castle. Pretty cool to see. Or Greyfriars Bobby, one of Scotlands most photographed pubs, due to the tale of Edinburgh’s most famous dog, Greyfriars Bobby. Might be time for a pint as well? A visit to the Botanical Garden is also something I really recommend if you have time.


Breakfast/lunch: Hula Juice Bar

I stumbled upon this place when I visited Edinburgh for the first time back in 2017 together with Johan and I looooooved it! It is a healthy eatery and juice bar serving breakfast, brunch and lunch and you can find the whole rainbow on this menu! Always so hard to choose! I had lunch there with the girls, in addition to breakfast when we came back to Edinburgh at the end of our trip.

Hula thrive to deliver healthy, authentic and fresh food and drinks, and is also a completely plastic-free zone! The interior is green and pink, reminding me tons of Hawaii. Like they write on their website: “We aim to be an “island in the city” where you can come and relax while enjoying amazing food and drinks that nourish your body at the same time”. Mission accomplished!

Hula Grassmarket, 103-105 West Bow / or Hula Fountainbride, 94A Fountainbridge

What I ordered
For lunch I had a “Rainbow bowl” which was a base of warm curry & rice with five different chilled vegetable toppings, a smoothie named “sunshine in a cup “made out of mango, peach, pineapple and orange, and lastly a piece of chocolate fudge cake that we shared (I ate most of it for sure). For breakfast I had organic Scottish oats topped with cinnamon and blueberries.


Dinner: Maison Bleue Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the heart of the old part of town, in the famous Victoria Street. It is a small and cozy restaurant that serves a mix of French, North African and Scottish dishes. I love this place with its good food, unique atmosphere, wooden staircase and old interior.

36/38 Victoria Street, behind a blue door.

What I ordered
They didn’t have lots of vegetarian/vegan options, so I went for three side dishes as 1 main dish. Turns out to be more than enough food and it was delicious. I went for sautéed courgettes and green beans, creamed spinach and pommes châteaux, combined with a glass of Pinot Noir.

Borrowed image

Borrowed image

Borrowed image

Borrowed image

Novapizza | Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant
We had dinner her on our last night of the trip, having returned from the highlands. It was very small and intimate, a bit too warm and D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S! Their mission they say is: “to serve cruelty-free food that tastes so good you’ll tell your friends about it”. Well, mission accomplished for sure!

42 Howe Street

What I ordered
We shared a vegan focaccia, followed by an organic Tagliatelle Seggiano Bolognese: slow cooked bolognese sauce with soy mince, onions and basil topped with parmesan

Borrowed image

Borrowed image


We stayed both nights at Fraser Suites Edinburgh, in my opinion the best located hotel in the city. It is a five minutes walk from the train station Edinburgh Waverley, a 4 minute walk to Edinburgh Castle and just outside the door to your left you have The Royal Mile and St. Giles Cathedral. The famous Victoria Street is also just around the corner and Grassmarket, the historic market place in the old town of the city. And again, the new part of town and all the shopping is right down the hill. In other words, you can literary walk anywhere. The hotel itself is very comfortable, clean and with a friendly staff. A very good choice for your stay in Edinburgh. I would however ask for rooms above the reception, because the ones below are a bit darker.

The building to the left is our hotel. Taken from Princes Street! / Photo: Emilia Wallin

The building to the left is our hotel. Taken from Princes Street! / Photo: Emilia Wallin

Writing this, I so badly wanna go back! There is still so much I want to see. Next time, for sure <3

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

London showing off

Funny how you blog one day and next time you log on again it is two weeks later and you have managed to both celebrate your birthday, travel around Scotland and spend a weekend in Bergen. In other words, I have been a busy bee, but now I have some much to tell you!


I ended my stay in London meeting with tons of new people from all over UK, creating new contacts and even though the whole speed dating concept was intense, it was very educational and rewarding. And I guess since it was my last day, London decided to show off, and the sun shined bright. Here are some snaps from my last day in the busy, but beautiful city!

Tate Britain - on my list for next time

Tate Britain - on my list for next time

Speed-dating! An intense but efficient way to create contacts

Speed-dating! An intense but efficient way to create contacts

The beautiful view from Millbank Tower, our venue for the day

The beautiful view from Millbank Tower, our venue for the day

Love going to London for work, and luckily I am back already in end of November!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

"Conferencing" in London

Yesterday we kicked off our PR conference in VisitBritain, PR Vibe (the whole reason for me being here). It was held at The Biltmore in Mayfair, a hotel that open just two years ago, and both the hotel and the area was just.. w.o.w! So beautiful!

We spent the day “conferencing” (a new word people), had a delicious lunch and afterwards we headed to Flight Club Victoria to play darts, drink wine and eat pizza! Very nice to be able to spend some time with colleagues from Canada, US and Europe, that we normally don’t get to see that often! Nevertheless, at 7:30 PM I was beat and headed back to the hotel, took a bath and fell asleep in my bathrobe (hello granny)!


Today is a new day of meetings, and speed-dating is actually on the agenda! 10 minutes with each destination in the UK, presenting my market and see how we can work together, get up and move on to the next. Going to be hectic, but fun! Love meeting new people and build up relationships.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

On a rainy night

This morning started out with a hell of a subway experience here in London. Let´s just say rush hour just got a whole new meaning, and angry, irritated people just got lifted to a whole new level. I couldn’t do anything else then just laugh, it was insane how people pressed themselves towards a subway so full it couldn’t even drive. Seven or eight subways were filled before I got pressed into one. Well well, arrived to work just a tad late and a tiny bit sweaty.

After a nice day with my colleagues at the London office and me ticking off as many things from my to-do list as possible, I headed to Soho to meet with Veronica for dinner and a night out in rainy London. And when I say a night out I dont mean drinks, I mean noodles and coke, followed by a trip to Primark!


And for those who might wonder, it is not very hot in London, I just want to show off my new dress and the pretty details on the fluffy arms. Thank you and goodnight.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Food coma in London

Feels like all we did this weekend was eat and it has been delicious! We have started to get better at doing research beforehand and book when we can, which has made our experiences even better! So I thought I would share some tips, in case anyone is ever headed to London!


If there is something me and my man loves for breakfast its pancakes! So we decided to head to The Breakfast Club in Rufus Street, Shoreditch. They serve breakfast until 12:00 and then lunch after that. You can’t book a table there, and when we arrived around 10:00 am there was a short line, but it took less than 10 minutes to be seated, so no worries. The place is pretty big (and colorful) with loud music and lots of yumminess on the menu! I went for blueberry pancakes (vegan), a carrot and ginger juice and a cappuccino, while Johan went for the all American (that boy and his bacon) and a freshly pressed orange juice and black coffee. It landed on around 25-30 pounds if I remember correctly, so not too pricy and so worth it!



Later during the day we stumbled upon the Duke of York Square food market and I have to be honest, I am usually not a fan, but everything here looked and smelled so good! Lots of vegan options too and seriously delicious cakes to be found everywhere! Nevertheless, since I had just bought a pretzel, I skipped standing in long lines, but Johan went for a grilled sausage in the biggest baguette ever seen! The market is hosted every Saturday from 10am until 4pm and offers artisanal and locally produced meat, fish, bread, cakes etc. There are benches around the square where you can sit and enjoy your food.



This beautiful Italian restaurant looked so inviting, located next to the market on 83-85 Duke Of York Square, so we sat down for a little drink. I had a glas of Nero D'Avola, Villa Pozzi, DOCG Sicily 2017 and Johan went for a gin and tonic. Very cozy atmosphere and good service.



Our dinner plans went a little south! We first wanted to go to Sushi Samba, but it was fully booked. The next on the list was Dishoom, a Indian restaurant with very good reviews, but you cant book. And when we arrived it was the longest que I have seen in a very long time, and even though the food might be great I am not the one to stand in line for that long for a meal. So we went to Delamina East at 151 Commercial St, and actually managed to get seated without a reservation (reservation seems to be key in London). They serve seasonal dishes inspired by Eastern Mediterranean home cooking, and while Johan went for lamb racks I had crispy rosemary potatoes on garlic-infused yoghurt (vegan) and salad of avocado, charred broccoli and za’atar spiced gem lettuce.



On our last day we kinda skipped breakfast and headed straight to Brick Lane Market. After a while my belly started rumbling which timed perfectly with passing a stand filled with delicious pastries. Johan went for a sourdough stick with black olives and I finally got to taste a vegan pain au chocolate. Seriously, it was so good I doubted it was vegan for a second there! Why even bother making “normal ones” when the vegan ones are sooooo good?



Sushi Samba is also located in Covent Garden, and after having moved over to my next hotel in Soho, we deided to head over and see if it was a little less crouded for lunch. And luckily for us it was! The restaurant was so beautifully decorated and I can imagine how cozy it must be there at night. I had a veggie maki with shibazuke, cucumber, avocado, sesame, sweet gourd, spring onion and tempura crunch, while Johan went for Neo Tokyo with spicy tuna, tempura crunch, lotus root, aji panca and spicy mayo. It was the best sushi I have ever had, but a bit pricy. But worth it, I promise.


Got a bit hungry writing this, hihi! Next on the list over places I wanna try is Humble pizza, Chiltern Firehouse and Bluebird! Next time ;)

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

The best travel buddy

Vegan breakfast at The Breakfast Club, vintage hunting at Brick Lane Market in Shoreditch, shopping with half of London in Oxford Street, forced photoshoot at Tower Bridge, wine outdoors while watching dogs, indulging in delicious food at Duke of York Square food market, walking up and down Kings Road twice, m&ms in bed, 41 641 steps and tons of fun and kisses! You´re the best travel buddy a girl can have!


Been a wonderful weekend and lots of tips coming your way soon, just need my beauty sleep first! Because tomorrow it´s back to work, just in London instead of Stockholm. Hope you had a good weekend too!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Slow morning in Shoreditch

Waking up this morning, with a fluffy pillow in a big bed, with my man next to me, I felt more relaxed then in a long time. I slept like a baby after a long day of traveling yesterday, since Norwegian (with no surprise really) was late again.. Nevertheless, we finally arrived and I woke up in a new part of town for me; Shoreditch.


Honestly, the impression late last night, with drunk people everywhere, clubs at every corner and lots of dirt and noise, wasn’t really the best, but giving it another go today. I hear so much positive about this area, so excited to head out the door! Our first stop is The Breakfast Club.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

When life comes in-between

Before you know it, weeks have flown by and autumn has arrived! Life kinda took over a bit back in August with a press trip to Northern-England, followed by a big project involving a trip to Oslo, topped by some terrible news that took me to Germany.

I feel I have been everything from happy, excited, stressed, sad, heartbroken and tired over the last weeks, and now I just needed to land a little. So I bought myself avocado sushi, looked at some trashy TV (guilty pleasure: The Hills) and enjoyed some alone time.

Photo cred: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Photo cred: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Photo cred: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Photo cred: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Photo cred: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Photo cred: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Dress: Lindex - Belt: River Island - Purse: Amica Studios // Photo cred: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Dress: Lindex - Belt: River Island - Purse: Amica Studios // Photo cred: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Some pictures from the Vigeland Museum in Oslo, when I was in a real red dress kinda mood! Love how the way you dress is linked to your mood. Well well, time to get back to life and plan for a week in London! So excited to go back! And to be back on the blooooog! Talk again soon <3

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Business as usual

First Monday after vacay and wine is switched out with my computer, the summer dress with a suit and the bare feet with heels. And even though it has been very nice unwinding, I am happy to be back, seeing as so many exciting things are ahead! First off a five days trip to Northern England that I need to get in order before take-off on Friday. And of course everything else related to work and will see if I cant squeeze in some exercise into this weeks schedule too.

Summer dress: Zara / Photo: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Summer dress: Zara / Photo: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Photo: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Photo: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Lipstick: Bare Minerals / Photo: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Lipstick: Bare Minerals / Photo: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

How about you guys? Done with vacation and back to work mode? Regardless, I wish you a happy and stress-free Monday!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Time to say goodbye

It is time to say goodbye to long days walking barefoot, jumping into the cold water, napping during the day, reading page after page, eating way too much, taking trips into the cutest little summer town, drinking red wine, watching the view and go for long walks. Enjoying the warmth of the sun, the raindrops and the wind. Goodbye to a perfect end to this years summer.


It has been such a relaxing week, but now I am ready to get back to work. In just five short days already I am off to Northern England with three Scandinavian influencers!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Dancing barefoot through the last bits of summer

There is no Wifi, almost no connection. So I learn to put my phone away, unplug my computer. Instead I look out on the beautiful water. Hear the waves beating up against the shore, feel the wind grab my hair and a light breeze brush against my skin. Trying to absorb all the beauty the place has to offer, the place that has a deep space in my heart.

I take off my shoes and walk barefoot over the rocks. Feeling the light autumn chill, realising I am dancing to the last bits of summer. And there is nothing more magical then being in the moment right there.


Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Sunday bubble

I sit down, watch the rain pouring down outside. Hear it hitting the wall, the window and the grass, followed by a little rumble in the distance. It creates a stillness in the room, a stillness that is fastly overclouded by my thoughts.

Who am I? What does my future hold? What do I want to do with my life ?

I have been a little thoughtful lately, unsure of what I want to do with my life, where I want to live and who I want to be. I am the biggest planner there is, so not knowing, just going with the flow as my mom says, it not really my thing. So, naturally my head is spinning.

For the last few years, I let my baby project Best of You define me and occupy me, but when I suddenly felt it was time to move on I closed down a part of myself at the same time. If that makes sense.. Leaving me a little unsure of what my purpose is.

I try to just go with the flow, do what feels good and trust that whatever is supposed to happen happens. And that everything will solve itself eventually, if I just allow myself to be open for possibilities and changes, but it is hard.

Guess getting out of my own head would a good way to start.

Dress: Line of Oslo / Photo: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Dress: Line of Oslo / Photo: Nina Isabell Abrahamsen

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Back home

Being back home this weekend, attending a funeral, celebrating an engagement, sharing my comfort for yet another loss and spending time with my family has been both tiresome and nice. A mixed weekend, combined with lots of tears and laughter.

After the funeral on Friday, which was a beautiful one, I met with my two besties. Celebrating an engagement, and talking about a loss in the family. My two besties, going through each their thing, us three all gathered around one table, crying, talking, laughing. Life, such a weird thing sometimes.

My squad, after 24 years.

My squad, after 24 years.


Yesterday was spent with my nephews and older sister, followed by coffee and “fika” with my dad, before pizza and wine with my mom. A real family day, before I am headed off to the airport and flying off to vacation. A much needed one.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Red wine, laughter and great colleagues should be mandatory

Have a feeling yesterday was the last sunny evening in a while here in Stockholm. So I am so glad a little gang from work went to Strandbryggan for an after work. Was also a great way for me to avoid packing for Oslo and a week at our summerhouse. Seriously, I cant handle packing, it is horrible. So a fun night with great colleagues, a glass of red wine, laughter and some sun did good. Should be mandatory at least once a week if you ask me!

When your wine matches your skirt

When your wine matches your skirt

Selfie team; Deniz &amp; Lotta

Selfie team; Deniz & Lotta

Seriously delicious; Eldflower Margarita

Seriously delicious; Eldflower Margarita

When Lotta remembers something important ;)

When Lotta remembers something important ;)



I am off to Oslo tonight to attend a funeral and spend some time with my family, and on Sunday I am meeting Johan and Mikaela at the airport, heading off to our summerhouse. Cant wait to spend a week by the sea. Backed tons of reading material and comfy clothes. Now I just need to get safely from Sthlm to Oslo, (crossing my fingers for no turbulence or other shit)!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

A little attitude on a grey Tuesday

I woke up early this morning to the roaring sound of thunder. One time, two times, three times. Getting closer each time. I was lying in bed, waiting for the rain to strike against the window. And eventually it did. Such a soothing sound.

I had to get up eventually though and just to say f**k you too the grey weather and keep my energy level up, I took on one of my red suits, my red shoes, added some pearls to my hair and for the first time ever switched out the blouse with a t-shirt with the quote: “Girls run the world”. Combined with my Grl Pwr necklace I was ready to get to work. A little attitude on a grey day gets you a long way.


Been a good day, an effective one. Now on the other hand, I am lying here, trying to find the motivation to get to SATS, wash clothes, get my suitcase from the attic AND make dinner.. Think I even need to get some groceries, since I need to make a vegan dinner. Well, lets just say the t-shirt isn’t motivating me anymore...

Guess a little attitude only gets you so far ;)

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

My week: engagement, funerals and going vegan

This week’s mantra
I have been reminded of both the good and the bad life has to offer this week and it made me realise that Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful”. I just try to enjoy the little things.


This week’s mood
A little combination of everything; happy, sad, worried, tired. Been a weird week to be honest, so been nice to be by myself and just recharge. Spent 4 hours alone, drinking my morning coffee in the company of a good book earlier, which was wonderful.

This week’s yumminess
I have for a long time been thinking about giving the whole vegan thing a try. Not just 70 percent, but go in 100 percent. I started four days ago and so far so good. The best dish this week (except my vegan cookies bought at Goodstore) must have been the avocado toast at Café Pascal . And my morning smoothies! Can’t get enough.


This week’s series
The last few days I switched out watching series with reading and I managed to get through my latest book: Nullpunktet by Jørn Lier Horst. Really recommend it, couldn’t put it away! Now I am getting started on a crime series by Stefan Ahnmen that I got for my birthday last year. Anyone who has read them?


This week’s best
Without doubt the news about my bestie getting engaged. I was so damn happy and filled with love, seriously the best news at the beginning of a new week! You can read all about it here! Other than that I had a lovely few hours on Saturday morning with my book and a good cup of coffee down by the water, attended a Pride event with the British Embassy an had a girls night with Trixie yesterday with dinner, red wine and a movie!  


This week’s worst
Two phone calls about two wonderful people having left us. So terribly sad, especially when my best friend cries on the phone and I can’t just go over and hug here. The distance is killing me sometimes. Going home for a funeral next week though, will be good to be home.

This week’s training
Ooooh… not good. Got in three long power walks and just one gym session. Well, blaming my soar throat. Want to say next week I am back in the game, but said that last Sunday too, so will just shut up and see what happens. The Workout Plan Studio needs to kick start fall a bit earlier, so I can get my motivation back on!


This week’s failure
On Fridays we always eat pizza and since I am now trying to be vegan the big challenge of giving up cheese arose. I had bought a vegan cheese the day before that seemed promising, but dear lord was that disgusting. Nevertheless, got some great advice on Instagram so will give it another go. Not really ready to give up pizza.

This week’s most liked picture
My picture from last weekend by the water, talking a little about befriending your body. An important message in todays twisted society.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

1 purse - 3 styles

When I plan an outfit, the handbag is always the finishing touch and most of my outfits don’t feel complete without it. And since I am not the type to have unlimited amounts of purses, I try to use what I have and avoid unnecessary shopping. Because you can do a lot with one handbag!

My absolute favorite is actually a 20 dollar handbag from Forever21 bought on Hawaii eight years ago (by my mom, who after a year gave it to me and I have been in love ever since). I love how the bright colour spices up my outfits and no matter the mood, its always my go-to bag!

Lets take a look on how to style one purse in three different ways.


I love how a simple pair of black boyfriend-jeans and an oversized blouse can turn into such a cool outfit by adding a pair of heels and a splash of colour. Orange is the new black, right? And by adding the purse, the defuse green strips in the blouse become more prominent. The perfect outfit for a day at the office.


When wearing a bright pink suit with black heals, most people would match it with a black clutch. Myself included a few years ago. But I think the orange makes the suit pop just a tiny bit extra, and seriously, why not go all in when your already wearing pink from head to toe? The perfect outfit for an event or when you need/want to dress up a bit.


Again matching a shade of green with orange. Two colours I never thought I would say I like, but how can I not? This outfit goes perfectly for a evening out, or if you switch out the heels with something more low key it works perfectly for a date night at the cinema!

As you can see you can easily use the same handbag again and again, styling it for a night out, a business event or for a day at the office. Whatever your day brings!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia